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A water well is a hole in the earth can be made a variety of ways, including by drilling, digging, or driving. The water that wells draw from the ground is called ground water. Ground water typically comes from rain and snow that seeps down into the earth and begins to collect. Currently, almost twenty percent of the fresh water used in the United States comes from ground water.

Pumps repair
If you live in the suburbs or cities, you probably never stop to consider how water you use gets to your house. All you need to understand is how to turn the tap at the sink inside your house. If you live out in the country however, this might not be the case. People in the country typically depend on these water wells to provide water for their homes.

Pumps repair
Even more importantly, people using wells as their water source also need to be concerned about the mechanical pump that draws the water from the well and pumps it through pipes to their homes. Understanding how well pumps work, what types of well pumps are available, troubleshooting well pump problems, and researching different well pump manufacturers are all necessary details to examine when ground water from a well is your main water source.

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