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In today's world with an always increasing population, water use is also continually increasing. Even though the Earth is 70 percent water, 98 percent of that water is salt water from the Earth's oceans. Fresh water resources for humans are limited to rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and underground water. Fresh water that we have access to is suffering from pollution and many people are lacking proper wastewater treatment.

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While ABS specializes in wastewater technology, they have a special interest in clean water and know the transport and treatment of wastewater plays an important part in making sure source water for people stays clean. ABS has more than 140 years of experience in customer-oriented solutions and is continually at the forefront of new technology.

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ABS Pumps is making an effort to help restore our water resources. Their expansive knowledge in developing quality products that range from well pumps to aerators is helping to improve water resources world-wide.

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