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LEESON Electric Corporation
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LEESON Electric Corporation has made two important acquirements in the 1980's, Unison Dynamics and Motronics Corporation. By acquiring Unison Dyanmics, LEESON improved its line by gaining a manufacturer of direct current permanent magnet 48 and 56 frame motors that include adjustable speed control and operate in low voltage situations. The acquirement of Motronics Corporation, enhanced the LEESON line by gaining a manufacturer of sub-fractional horsepower AC and DC motors and gearmotors. These motors can be used in business machines, data processing peripherals, packaging machinery, and medical equipment.

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Two more recent aquirement made by LEESON in the 1990's was that of Gear Systems, Inc and Sandor Corporation, which expanded the company again by adding commercial-duty direct current sub-fractional motors sold globally under the Tru-Torq™ brand name.

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