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A-C Pump and Goulds Pumps
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A-C Pump is a company that has had experience manufactoring well pumps since 1872. The company's first well pump was installed for the city of Milwaukee, WI and was rated at 5,500 GPM at 200 ft head. In 1884, A-C Pump installed a record-setting centrifugal pump that delivered 48,000 GPM against a 13 ft head in Chicago. Fifty types of these pumps are still manufactured today providing excellent performance and reliability.

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A-C Pump has provided service to the pollution control industry in the 1880s when pollution in the Milwaukee river threatened the water supply by inventing a pump to flush the river by replacing its volume in the whole once every 18 hours. In addition, A-C Pump helped provide flood-control in Memphis,TN by keeping water in the Mississippi River beneath its levees for over 50 years. A-C pumps were also installed at Sanitary Districts in Chicago and Detroit to help keep their systems working smoothly..

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The "shearpeller" pump was first manufactured by A-C Pump as well. The design of this pump can handle up to 25% entrained gases without losing prime. The ability of the shearpeller pump to handle difficulities incurred with raw sludge has gained the company an award. The patented Equiseal sealing system also developed by A-C Pump helped plant operators to fix problems they experienced with conventional packing and mechanical seals. Equiseal doesn't need a water drain, provides simple maintenance, and had no leakage issues.

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A-C Pump along with Goulds Pumps continues to remain on top of the most recent major innovations in the technology of well pumps. Not only are the designs of A-C Pump and Goulds Pumps' well pump systems highly efficient, but the materials used in the creation of the well pumps are sturdy and unfailing.

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A-C Pump and Goulds Pumps also has one of the largest distribution systems for parts world wide and over $60 million worth of inventory ready to be shipped.

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