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Zoeller Pump Co.
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Founded in 1939, the Zoeller Company began producing various pumps, including a reliable column sump pump. Today, the Zoeller Company is one of the longest-running and largest companies to manufacture electric sump pumps. Every pump produced by Zoeller is quality assured, and submersible pumps are tested by the company underwater to ensure they will be dependable from the moment the customer begins to use them. Quality pumps produced by Zoeller are sold in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and world-wide.

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The Zoeller Company's mission is achieving planned, controlled and profitable growth in order to insure the life of the company for stakeholders and create a pleasing return for investors. Zoeller promises to fullfill its mission by enhancing its recognition as a quality focused organization and by expanding their worldwide competitiveness while maintaining agressive growth sales. Zoeller also wishes to continue identifying, evaluating, and developing new products to respond to market needs. The continuation of upgrading their manufacturing capabilities is also a goal of the company as well as continuing to meet charitable citizenship responsibilities throughout the world.

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